If you’ve been living in your home for a while or are transitioning into a new one, you may find that replacing your boiler is necessary. If your current unit is not functioning as it should, don’t suffer through the inconvenience any longer. Keep reading to discover the advantages of enlisting experts for a boiler installation.

What is an A Rated Boiler?

In the United Kingdom, only boilers that are A-rated are considered modern and permissible. A-rated boilers are top-rated and highly efficient appliances that are built to last for many years. Essentially, the more efficient your boiler, the less energy it consumes.

Why are modern gas boilers better?

Older boiler models were constructed durably back in their day, but they can’t keep up with contemporary models that come equipped with energy-efficient parts. Thanks to advanced technology and innovation, boilers now generate heat more effectively while still cutting costs. By investing in a new boiler, you could potentially reduce your annual heating bills by 30% or more. What’s more, these boilers are environmentally friendly too, with a significantly improved operational efficiency rate of up to 90%.

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