Boilers are beautifully engineered. Unfortunately, though, they don’t last forever. Eventually, components wear out and replacement is the only economical option. 

With that said, you should repair boilers as soon as you notice a problem. Doing this extends their lifespan and reduces the cost of future servicing. 

This post explores the top signs your boiler needs professional repair. Read on to learn more. 

High Energy Bills

If you notice a sudden increase in your energy bills without any change in your usage habits, it could indicate that your boiler is not working efficiently. Multiple factors could cause this, including a dirty filter, a clogged pipe, or an outdated model. A professional can inspect your boiler and perform any necessary maintenance or upgrades to improve its performance.

Yellow Flame

Another sign you might have a boiler issue is that you have a yellow flame. The flame of your boiler should be blue and steady. However, if it changes colour, it means it isn’t burning properly and you could be introducing carbon monoxide into your home, a poisonous, deadly gas.

Lack Of Heating Or Hot Water

Lastly, a lack of heating or hot water is one of the most obvious signs that your boiler needs repair. Failing to produce heat could be the result of several factors, including a broken thermostat, a faulty valve, a low water level, or a lack of gas supply.

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