Dealing with a boiler that has stopped working can be a stressful experience, particularly during colder periods. For residents in areas like Felpham, a sudden loss of heating or hot water often leads to urgent searches for ‘boiler repair in Felpham‘. This guide aims to provide practical advice on what to do when your boiler stops working and how to proceed towards a solution.


Initial Assessment and Safety Checks

Upon discovering your boiler isn’t working, your first step should be to conduct a basic safety check:

  • Check for Gas Leaks: If you smell gas or suspect a leak, immediately turn off the gas supply, evacuate the area, and contact emergency services.
  • Electrical Supply: Ensure the boiler’s electrical supply is intact and that there hasn’t been a trip in the circuit breaker.
  • Boiler Pressure: Low pressure can cause a boiler to stop functioning. Check the pressure gauge and refer to your boiler’s manual for guidance on repressurising.

Basic Troubleshooting

Before calling a professional, some issues can be resolved with simple troubleshooting:

  • Reset the Boiler: Many boilers have a reset function which can sometimes resolve minor issues.
  • Thermostat and Timer Checks: Ensure the thermostat is set correctly and the timer hasn’t been accidentally changed or switched off.
  • Check Radiators for Cold Spots: If your radiators have cold spots, this could indicate air in the system which can affect boiler performance.

When to Call a Professional

If the above steps don’t restore your boiler’s functionality, it’s time to seek professional help. Persistent issues or any signs of damage or leaking water indicate the need for a qualified technician.


Regular Maintenance: A Preventative Measure

To prevent future breakdowns, regular boiler servicing is essential. Annual check-ups by a certified professional can identify and rectify potential issues, ensuring your boiler operates efficiently and safely.


Seeking Expert Assistance in Middleton on Sea, Elmer, and Felpham

For those residing in Middleton on Sea, Elmer, and Felpham, facing a boiler breakdown doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect. T.Griffin Plumbing & Heating Ltd offers expert boiler repair services in these areas. With our professional expertise, we can quickly diagnose and fix your boiler issues, ensuring your home remains warm and comfortable. If you’re in need of reliable boiler repair services, do not hesitate to contact us for swift and efficient assistance.


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